2011 running and cycling

OK, I am not cycling now. Taking four months off, December to March, and take the bus to work instead of the bike. Not all that bad; actually takes the same time as biking. Cannot get my head around the idea of biking in Ottawa winters, even though some stalwarts do. Had to pass on the Richmond 10k in mid-January, which is always a great race, that I have done for many years, due to the current crisis in Tunisia. I participated in several telecons about that issue on the race weekend due to my work at DFAIT. But I did manage to volunteer to hand out race kits and worked around the telecons, so at least I got my race shirt, always a favourite.

Getting out for as much running as possible, and some x-country skiing as well, along with some workouts with free weights and my rowing machine after work. Next race is likely to be the NC half-marathon in May, but since I missed Richmond I will be looking for some replacement before then. The photo is from Vietnam, where I was in April 2010, for work, and ran every day.

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