Hooray for long weekends

As we moved towards Ontario’s Civic Holiday long weekend, it only made sense to take the Friday as vacation and make a real long weekend. We decided to have an urban vacation today, even if short. I went for a 5.6k run this morning with Nika, our daughter’s Doberman, on what was a lovely cool morning. I plan to keep adding several ks to each of the four days of the weekend. Nika will be up for that.

Then we did the unthinkable: a trip to a Second Cup for delicious coffee and treats, and we actually sat and read the morning paper, an unheard of luxury. Then to the Full Cycle shop, to get a new Continental Contact tire on my bike, after having the old tire on the front replaced with a Contact a few weeks ago, following a flat due to old age of the previous tire. The Contact is a great tire, so replacing the old bald rear tire BEFORE if went flat seemed like a good preemptive idea.

Then it was off to the National Art Gallery, of which we are Friends of the Gallery members, and had not visited there since signing up a couple years ago. Where does the time go??

The Gallery is a word class spectacular visual tribute to art of all kinds, and the featured exhibit was Pop Live, an expansive tribute to the Andy Warhols of the world. While every piece may not have turned my crank, the overall effect was engaging, to say the least.

We then headed to Elgin Street, an eclectic collection of bistros and the like, and settled on Maxwell’s Bistro, and enjoyed a table next to the sidewalk, with a couple of draughts and a delightful ciabatta bun sandwich and salad. Again, unheard of, to sit and take that much time, when there’s always gardening, laundry, cleaning, maintenance etc. to take the days.

Although it was only a few hours, a few kilometres from our home, it seemed like a real break. We also restocked the wine supply, and picked up what promises to be a great South African Shiraz for dinner tonight.

I look forward to the next bike ride this weekend, to see the impact of two new Contact tires; should be noticeable.

Well, time to get back to the usual daily chores; Nika and friends Salome and Calvin are expecting their late afternoon walk.

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