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Here you will find some feedback from some of the people who have used my services. Satisfying my clients is paramount to me.

Yes, these are from a few years ago, as I effectively put my freelance business on hold while working full-time at DFAIT. But I am now back in the saddle, so to speak, and would love to add your testimonial here in the near future.

I asked Bill Horne to write a letter for me on behalf of my fiancé regarding an immigration hearing. He did an amazing job. The lawyer said that in the 12 years of his practice, he has never seen a letter like that before.
Thank you so much Bill for all your help.

Maryanne C. Woodbridge, ON
This is a March 2006 note from a client whose fiancé has been allowed to stay in Canada.

Thanks, Bill.
You're such a pro.

Note from Libby A., editor of the newsletter of the Association of Personal Historians, upon my submittal of four articles for the January 2006 newsletter.

Ahoy Bill. Authors fear opening printed copies of their books only to find typos or grammatical mistakes that will leap forth at them. Thanks to you and your help, I have not had that experience.

Bob Garrow, author of 'Ahoy Mates!', a humourous but serious business excellence book. August 2005. See www.pirateleadership.com

Bill, thanks for your comments and editing. Your comments show me some ways to explain my ideas more clearly and credibly. I'll use them as a guide in my next revisions.

Brooke B, coach, consultant, author, April 2005

Thanks for the great work…

Dr. Chantal P, website client, January 2005

I have very much appreciated the work that you have put into this and Mom will probably incorporate some of the document in a 'scrapbook' that she is compiling. …. Reading Mom's story is very enjoyable to me and I consider this project well worth the time and effort that has gone into it and I'm very glad to have the document.

Ralph H, personal history client, September 2004

Bill worked as part of our team as a Web Writer from July 2003 to August 2004 on a consultant contract. His responsibilities included: creating new Web copy for CMHC's Web site (in particular homepage feature stories), adapting and writing product descriptions and keywords for the online store, reviewing and editing proposed Web texts from internal clients as well as reviewing the CMHC Web site to ensure overall language quality.
During the course of his employment, Bill proved himself to be a hard worker and a talented writer. Bill was an excellent asset to our team. He is not only a very talented writer but also an individual with an admirable work ethic who thrives on new and additional challenges.

Angela M, CMHC webmaster, 2004

Bill, once again, my most sincere gratitude for your article. I really do love it!!!! When I first read the article, I could so see myself back on the Great Wall of China. You really painted that picture in my mind with your words.... You are very talented.

Susie K, Landscape Photographer, April 2004

Hi Bill - thanks so much for your kind words - I was thrilled to bits and am still basking in the glow. The article you wrote was very flattering and much appreciated.

Terri M, newspaper story subject, November 2003

I loved the articles, etc. I'll keep you in mind for future projects. Terry (the publisher) was also impressed with your work.

Anne M, newspaper editor and client, October 2003

Rose-Marie and I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort and energy you have given to this project; we are greatly in your debt. We look forward to your participation in the launch... It sounds like things are going well - very exciting.

June M, personal history client, April 2003

Hi Bill!
Thanks for your hard work. I think there may be a mutual opportunity here. We could benefit from a solid communications strategy and in return for a sponsorship with you, we possibly could work something out!

Terry M, sports organizer, December 2002