Upcoming runs

It’s a glorious Sunday afternoon in late July, and I am sitting in our gazebo by the pool, enjoying the new-found wi-fi connectivity here, after purchasing an additional antenna for my wireless router today. The wireless network was fine in the house and on the attached deck, but did not reach to the gazebo. A trip to Best Buy solved that problem, for not much money.

I had good runs this weekend with our daughter’s doberman, Nika, of some 6k on Saturday and about 9k this morning. She loves to run, or more accurately walk very quickly, when I do my target pace of some 5:40 per km, or even a bit faster. We both run the last few hundred metres, as I ratchet up the pace.

After a very pleasant weekend in Prince Edward County a couple weekends ago, I discovered a half marathon in the Country in early October, and have signed up for it. This will follow two weeks after the Army half-marathon in late September here in Ottawa. So lots of training required to get ready for these two races.

Back to sipping on a Keith’s and reading Invictus, the inspiring story of Nelson Mandela and how he united his beloved country after his release from prison by using rugby as an improbable device. Well worth a read, and of course it has been made into a movie, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

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