How to Safeguard PHI When Printing and Mailing Healthcare Documents

If you are considering printing and mailing healthcare documents, you may be wondering how to safeguard your patient’s PHI. This article discusses how to protect your PHI, design a healthcare mail piece, and use . Here are some helpful tips. First, don’t use translucent envelopes for mailing healthcare documents. These envelopes may contain PHI. Also, avoid using envelopes with holes or rips.

data scrubbing in healthcare

Protecting PHI

While emailing your medical documents is convenient, there are some things to keep in mind. First, the email must adhere to secure encryption standards. Most popular email systems employ TLS or SSL encryption to mask your information and prevent it from being read by unauthorized parties. If you are sending large amounts of healthcare documents, you may also want to use specialized email encryption services to add extra protections. This may seem like a big hassle, but it’s worth the extra effort if you want to ensure that your patients’ health information is protected.

HIPAA requires covered entities to conduct risk assessments on their PHI. These risk assessments must identify potential threats to the integrity of PHI and implement measures to protect against them. The assessments can be conducted by an outside contractor. These risk assessments can be expensive, but they can help your practice comply with HIPAA. By following these steps, your practice can ensure that your documents remain safe and secure. And with the right technologies, you can be assured that your patients’ medical records remain confidential.

Designing a healthcare mail piece

Healthcare marketing is all about trust. Creating trust is critical for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and facilities. Although digital marketing is a helpful supplement, is a necessary part of this equation. Direct mail promotes trust and credibility, and healthcare providers need to build trust with their patients and providers by sending a high-quality mail piece. The following are some design tips for healthcare mail pieces. They should be eye-catching and memorable.

Health care direct mailers share knowledge with their audience. You can even include links to online blogs that are related to your topic. Medical mailing services can create, print, and mail your healthcare direct mailers, and even conduct A/B testing to find the most effective strategy for your campaign. By following these tips, your healthcare mailers will get the attention of your target audience. They will also deliver better results!

Using a print-to-mail service

Outsourcing the print-to-mail process of your healthcare documents will save you time and money. Healthcare providers are under tremendous pressure to deliver more with less. Outsourcing your print-to-mail process can help you meet your financial goals by reducing your production costs, increasing revenue, complying with new regulations, and increasing patient satisfaction. By using a print-to-mail service, you can avoid the hassle of mailing sensitive documents and get back to your core business quickly.

MailXstream is an online print-to-mail service that accepts print files as-is. It provides several options for transmitting documents, including mail and email, and supports most popular computing platforms. Its user-friendly interface lets healthcare professionals easily send and receive documents. MailXstream can also handle high print volumes. MailXstream helps third-party medical billers automate their workflow and print patient statements and invoices in 1-2 days, regardless of their size.

Avoiding translucent envelopes

In general, security envelopes are a better choice than plain, translucent ones for mailing healthcare documents. They usually have a pattern on the inside, usually cross-hatched in ink, that protects the information inside. Plain, translucent envelopes may look transparent when held up to a light source, giving thieves or unscrupulous people a toehold. To avoid this risk, you should consider using self-mailers, which come with additional security features.

Using a third-party medical biller

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your healthcare document mailing costs, you may want to consider using a third-party medical biller. These organizations specialize in printing and mailing healthcare documents and can help you create an efficient, error-free workflow. The process can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Medical billers offer many services to make this task easier.

Medical billers help healthcare providers maximize their revenue by generating and submitting insurance claims. These professionals collect patient information and confirm coverage, generate medical claims, and review payment information. They send invoices and mail healthcare documents to patients as needed. These companies also post payments and reconcile patient accounts. This way, your business can save money and improve patient satisfaction. With a third-party medical biller to print mail healthcare documents, you’ll have time to focus on enhancing your business.


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